Ginnungagap/ silence, a black void/
her words are fading away in freezing cold/
moves into gear and spins faster and faster/
to be embraced by velvety silence/ light is giving birth/ Life dawns/
brown sand is slipping through one’s fingers/
sand and water/holding out and secretly growing in the bosom of earth/

dark blue iris/a caress of eternity/
wood becomes human/ out of bones life is evolving/
more movement/ a living strom/ multiplication of simplicity

Síd decodes the saga of Völuspá out of the nordic Edda in sound and colour, sanctifies it’s deep felt awareness of old and new stories of the north by it’s musical being. It’s an inner journey to the old, mythological beginning of the earth, a return to the essence and eternal being. The velvet caress of an ancient intuition.

By whispering and breathing waves of wan honesty.